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"Botany LitanyDoor Is A Jar (2023)

"Before the world wakes up, I miss my mother.Door Is A Jar (2023)

"When I went from 100% cheetah...Olney Magazine (2022)

Dementia PantoumMadcap Review, 11 (2020)

Sleeping in my childhood friends' bedroom, in the house across the street, as an adult” Madcap Review, 11 (2020)

How memories turn” Another Chicago Magazine, 56 (2018)

After having heart surgery, I ask my new love” Broad Street, Share This Poem (2018)

A Modern Tale of True LoveThe Boiler, 28 (2018)

Flying to Korea, March 21st, 2012, a Month Before My Mother’s DeathMadcap Review, 8 (2018)

“Remembering my last conversation with my mother” Atlanta Review, 24.2 (2018)

The Anatomy of ColorThe Sewanee Review, 126.2 (2018)

BeeswaxBrooklyn Review (2018)

“Moving Day” Cutthroat, A Journal of the Arts, 23 (2018)

“Root Planing” Nightjar Review, 4 (2018)

“On the Way to Le Marais” Slippery Elm Literary Journal (2017)

Being Americans in ParisMezzo Cammin, 12.1 (2017)

Longing for Paris a Month After Being HomeMezzo Cammin, 12.1 (2017)

PerfusionistCleaver, 20 (2017)

"High School Lunch" Burningword Literary Journal, 84 (2017)

"Visiting my mother's memory on a stormy Friday night" Burningword Literary Journal, 84 (2017)

The Cage of My Cadmium HeartBlack Fox Literary Magazine, 16 (2017)

the boy with a fear of finsBlack Fox Literary Magazine, 16 (2017)

What I taught my Korean students when I found out my mom was dying back in SeattleBlack Fox Literary Magazine, 16 (2017)

Driving behind a school bus, I think of you, my student who almost died last weekBlack Fox Literary Magazine, 16 (2017)

A Mother’s Gift to Her Only ChildNew Delta Review, 7.2 (2017)

Poem from the fire escape Stirring: A Literary Collection, 19.2 (2017)

“I always awake at 3 a.m. the first night in Santa Fe,” Slippery Elm Literary Journal, 1.4 (2016)

nSlippery Elm Journal (2015)

I dare you.Slippery Elm Journal (2014)

Theta wavesFractal Literary Magazine (2013)

A letter to my dad on Mother’s DayFractal Literary Magazine, 1.3 (2013)

Skittles gets pluckyFractal Literary Magazine, 1.3 (2013)

 “SawedThe Susquehanna Review (2011/2012)


Let the Ghosts Crash the Party (It’s More Fun That Way)” Black Fox Literary Magazine Blog (2018)


"Contributor Interview with Kelsey Ann Kerr

by Ronnie Peltier, The NDR Blog (2017)

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